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Septic System Maintenance/Repair

What are signs of a failing Septic System?

Gurgling toilets, slow drainage, odors, over flowing septic tank, and wet spots on the lawn are all signs of a failing system

Will Camara Excavating inspect my Septic System and advise me on upgrades or replacement?

Yes! Our Licensed Inspector will consult you on how to upgrade or replace your existing Septic System. We will walk you through the entire process to ensure you understand and get the quality product you are looking for.

How often should my Septic Tank be Pumped/Inspected?

Tanks should be pumped when sludge and scum levels exceed 30-50% of the tank volume, or every 1-3 years with inspections.

How can I upgrade my existing system?

Effluent screens and access risers are two upgrading options.

Should I put additives in my tank?

RIDEM regulations prohibit the use of acid and organic chemicals.

How will I afford a new septic?

There are several programs in place to help you finance your new system.

How do I care for newly planted grass seed?

Please visit these helpful links for information pertaining to planting new seed and preventing weeds and undergrowth: Best time to plant/Fertilizer